Do you wish to contact your physician on the phone for a question ou share a problem?

The assistants will answer your demand and save your question as the degree of emergency of your call.

To answer your demand the best, please explain the assistants your question or need. They are trained and able to answer on the first line. In case they could not, your physician will be asked to call you back.

The priority will always be given to the patient physically present on consultation. With respect to thoses, the consultations will not be interrupted for a phone call, except for extreme medical emergencies.

Your physician will try to call you back as soon as they possibly can, according to their availability, mainly at the end of the morning or end of afternoon. Sometimes they may try to call between two consultations, but that remains exceptional.

Please remember that your physician receives an important amount of callback requests, given little free time outside of the consultations to honor theses requests.

Your physician is obliged to sort the importance of your request. That sorting can lead to a callback delay, sometimes of a day or two.

Do you wish to contact your physician by email?

Email is an easy way to communication many informations or documents about your health, that we enforce you to use.

You can send your request or informations by email to our assistants, mentioning which physician is concerned. Your request will be transferred accordingly.

Thinking of the amount of consultations, phone and administrative requests of your physician, the delay of answer may be of a few days.

Email is not considered as an emergency communication channel.

Contact your physician by phone or email