As an owner of a swiss driving license, based on the law (OAC, Ordonnance réglant l’admission à la circulation routière) the local authority (Service Cantonal des Véhicules) will ask you for a legal testing of your ability to drive with an approved physician.

This concerns mainly:

  • getting a driving license for a learning driver
  • getting a driving license for a new professionnel category
  • validating a foreign country’s driving licence
  • routine testing of persons above 75 years old
  • routine testing of professional drivers
On the day of your testing, please bring the following with you:

  • convocation of the Service Cantonal des Véhicules
  • your driving license
  • the list of your medications
  • your glasses if needed for driving (far vision)

Please note that this medical testing is not covered by any health insurance, as it is a legal obligation. You will be charged for this testing on the day of the examination.


Testing of the ability to drive a vehicle