A designated general practicionner

Each patient must be related to general or family practicionner. He is the one who assesses and knows the patient the best.

The patient is the only one allowed to choose his designated general practicionner. From this choice, the practicionner is in charge of the patients record and to keep it up to date.

Following the same rule, many health insurances ask the patient to define a general practicionner.

Of course, this can be changed anytime based on the patients will.

Medical record and shared medical record

The medical record and all the informations and files it contains, belongs to the patient. He is the only one allowed to allowd its copy, transfer or deletion.

In order to garanty the continuity of cares, the informatic system allows all the physicians and care providers of the practice to access the necessary informations.

In case of departure from the country of patients death, the general practitionner is told to keep the record during at least 20 years.

Informatic medical record

Your general practicionner deals with your record on a computer based manner. This record is saved and backed up locally.

The transmission of medical information to anyone else is allowed only with the patient consent.

This consent may be silent, as in the transmission of elements to a chosen medical specialist or explicit, as in the transmission of the entire medical record to another general practionner on demand of the patient.

Universal medical record

As being currently under developpment, the universal medical record does not properly exist yet. Your physician will informe you in case it would become a reality and usefull tool.

So far your medical informations are stored partially in many places where you had assessment or analysis. Only part and summarized part of this data are transmitted to your general practionner (reports or computer file) upon his request (eg: after sending your for a specialized assessment with another physician).

The local (geneva) gateway mondossiermedical.ch, is a project aiming to create a unique and shared medical recorde. However, this tool does not allow yet the physician outside the HUG (Geneva Universitary Hospital) to add any data to the record. Most of the physician can access the data in the record, if you have individually allowed them to. The use of this gateway is then, yet, partial and limited.

Medical record and medical secret