Any laboratory test must be prescribed by your physician, before the day of the samples collection. Individual requests or requests from external physicians, not validated by your physician, will not be collected.

Any analysis result you may have requested must discussed with you.

Unless your physician would have given an exceptional consent, our assistants are not allowed to transmit any result over the phone or by email.

Why so strict rules?

asking for a laboratory test is a medical act, the right choice of the elements to ask is crucial, among the thousands specific testing offers.

If an element, not initially done, may appear necessary for the interpretation of your laboratory examination, it is frequent that this element may be tested afterwards (type of sample tube, amount of blood remaining after first analysis, time of processis, …). A new punction/sampling may be necessary.

A laboratory request is made as an answer to a precise medical question and its result must be able to change your medical treatment or the propositions made.

Our assistants at the practice are nor allowed nor trained to decide which element must be included in laboratory request.

Asking for laboratory tests