At the end of a medical examination, the physician and assistants will establish a bill according the medical prestations offered and time used.

Theses prestations include: time of examination and discussion, specific time of councelling or explaination, time use in your absence, nature of physical examination (short or detailed), medication given or material used.

All theses elements are legally codified by the TARMED convention, giving a number of point per medical act. In each swiss canton, the value of a point is different. Actually in Geneva, a point is worth 98 cents.

Time in absence of the patient

It is a billed time during which the physician work for the patient, without the patient being present. It include completing the record, study of the record, generation of medical prescription or notes to others about the patient.

Since the 1st of january 2018, after revision of TARMED convention by the swiss confederation, are systematically billed: creation of medical prescription (see medical prescription), medical certificats (see medical certificat), delegation notes (see Networking insurance contract) and physiotherapy prescription, established outside of the consultation time.

Billing modes

Tiers garant

Under this mode, the most commonly used in relation with LAMAL insurances, the patient receives the bill, is responsible of its payment, and will later be payed back by the health insurance (minus contribution and franchise).

Tiers payant

Under this mode, the insurance receives the bill and is responsible for its payment. 10% (contribution) of annual fees are later asked to the patient.

Cession de créance

Upon your request, your physician can create a document that you will have to sign, called a cession de créance, sent to your insurance with the next bills.

With this document, if the insurance accepts it, you choose the insurance to be responsible of the payments of bill sent by the physician.

Sending the bills

Dr Morel’s assistant creates and send the bill directly. They both will deal with reminder and unpaid bills.
Dr Notaridis’s bills are treated by an external structure, the Caisse des Médecins, responsible for reminder and unpaid bils. You will receive the bills and reminders from them.

Unpaid bill

After the first bill, we will emit a maximum of 3 reminders to thoses who would not have paid yet. If this procedure is unsuccessfull and after a final phone reminder, legal means are activated.

In case of difficulties to honor a bill, it is always possible to ask for an payment agreement, eg. small monthly amounts. Don’t mind contacting our assistants about any payment difficulty or wish of a payment agreement.

Please note that in case of unpaid bill and lack of payment agreement, the concerned physician can refuse any further examination or medical act.

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