Dr Morel did is medical studies in Geneva. After his diploma in 2006, he did his post-graduate formation at the HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève) in the department of Internal Medicine and in Valais, at the Hôpital de Martigny. He benefits from a complementary formation in acute care after a 2 years practice in intermediate care unit. He was promoted “chef de clinique” in hospital for 3 years.

He started a private career in 2014 at the Centre Médical de Vésenaz. He was in charge of the medical supervision of a private ambulance company for 6 years and keeps a practice at the emergency room and hospital ward for a private clinic.


He is a medical expert in Traffic Medicine level II, meaning he has the validation to do the obligatory examination for:

  • drivers above 75 years old,
  • and professional drivers (truck, bus, taxi, machines…)

academic activity

He is related to the Medical Faculty of Geneva as a clinician teacher in private practice to teach and train medical students of second and sixth grade.

his team

Dr Morel is helped by a medical assistant, Marisa Martins. Don’t mind to ask her for any question or need.

opening hours

The doctor receives you on:

  • monday morning
  • thuesday, thursday and friday all day
  • wednesday morning (even weeks)

contact this doctor

+41 22 722 18 00

+41 22 722 18 02

find this doctor

Find his practice at
10 chemin Pré-d’Orsat
1245 Collonge-Bellerive
ground floor

link to insurances

For the patient who concluded an health insurance contract of type “réseau de soins”, Dr Morel is attached to the two main networks in Geneva, DELTA and REMED..

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Dr Philippe MOREL

Specialist in General Internal Medicine
Expert in Trafic Medicine level II
Former Chef de Clinique at the HUG